Released: 17/06/2015.
Download: Currently unavailable.


Added 'Biography'
Added an icon for when your country is at peace
Added the fire random event
Added functionality to the 'Retirement' option
Added having to select a house when emigrating / immigrating (Fixed the crash for this in!)
Added home damage system to events
Added Job History (CV)
Added new cheat codes
Added the ability to cure some health issues by clicking on them
Added the chance to skip school years
Added the 'Only Qualified' option to the Jobs screen
Added related shortcuts to the 'Pick a Job' screen
Fixed being able to take a driving test when you're in debt
Fixed famous achievement having wrong tooltip
Fixed music genres duplicating
Fixed previous band's details appearin in the 'Create An Artist' window
Fixed the .exe not having the icon as default
Made the 'Studying' activity only available during education
Moved some features undet the 'Dark' option
Tweaked burglary outcomes
Tweaked damage system (more ways to die)
Tweaked personal love interest age gap

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Currently unavailable.